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Did you know that Kyklos Greek Cafe has an exclusive partnership with Las Vegas Event and Catering Company (LVECC) and can handle any event, whatever size they may be? Please click the link below or call 702-479-3003 for more information!

The Kyklos Life

Join us for a special peak into the Kyklos daily life with Sophocles and family.

Kyklos Greek Cafe Catering

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Kyklos is located in the Galleria Mall

1300 W Sunset Rd Suite #2821
Henderson, NV 89014


Regarding Abba Agathon; Whenever his thoughts urged him to pass judgment on something which he saw, he would say to himself, “Agathon, it is not your business to do that.” Thus his spirit was always recollected.

Abba Agathon … 5th Century