Kyklos Greek Cafe-A “Mom and Pop” and NOT Corporate America Food

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At first glance, from the outside looking in, if you are a casual observer who knows nothing about the history of Kyklos Greek Cafe with the” Three Brothers”, you would be tempted to assume that you have just stumbled upon another chain restaurant that gets its recipes, business structure and raison d’etre from someplace far removed from the actual location you are at.

Over the years many people have asked if this was “our only location” because it would seem as if the restaurant is set up with a view to the future in its branding, signage, business cards, uniforms and logo.   Often amused when it is explained that this is “World Wide Headquarters”, people are pleasantly surprised to learn in the taste of the food and in the service that this is a place run with care and passion.

Behind the scenes, in training, the staff are trained with a view to customize the experience of each and every client.  Meaning, if it is within our power to create a particular meal that you are looking for, your wish is our command-and with a smile.  We sincerely want to please each and every person that walks away from our counter.

This goes beyond mere monetary sense and goes to that place where we understand that what makes someone happy(or unhappy) is so varied  and unique to each person that it is a given that “one size does not fit all”.

There is a flexibility that being a “Mom and Pop” provides that is refreshing to our guests.  Oftentimes this is an intangible factor that is not explicit in our food and service but is implicit, meaning it is “embedded” within the whole experience.  The “lifelessness” often associated with Corporate Eateries is absent at Kyklos Greek Cafe.  What you find here is passion, care and darn good food!  So, come on down and have a bite and enjoy!