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Frangakis Brothers

“The Frangakis Brothers” 

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Kyklos (Ancient Greek: κύκλος, IPA: [kýklos], meaning “cycle” or more literally “circle”.

Established in 2002 and acclaimed by the media, Kyklos Greek Café features authentic Greek and Mediterranean dishes developed by the three Frangakis Brothers, Sophocles, Constantine, and Yiannis.  Residents of the Las Vegas Valley since 1985, the brothers decided after growing up eating traditional Greek foods, prepared by their parents, there could be no better tribute than to open a restaurant that served these mouth watering dishes…why should they be the only lucky guys to enjoy it!

All three brothers have extensive culinary careers on the illustrious Las Vegas Strip, working at venues like the Palace Court at Caesars Palace, Aladdin, MGM Grand, and Luxor. Currently run solely by Sophocles, or “Soph” as his friends, family and diners know him, Kyklos has kept its family ties in tact by serving the same delicious recipes created by the three brothers with the helpful input of their parents, Christos and Anastasia.

Serving traditional items like spanakopita (spinach pie), gyros, baklava, and souvlaki, Kyklos has built a faithful following. The restaurant serves a wide variety of dishes, including vegetarian specialties like falafel and delicious salads with homemade Greek vinaigrette. The cuisine is not only tasty but healthy. Everybody has heard the phrase, “that sounds Greek to me!” One thing is for certain, once you taste the food here, you will be you saying, “This TASTES Greek to me!”

We would like to thank you for letting us serve you the best and freshest quality food. We put our hearts into what we do and we are certain that you will enjoy every bite.

As we say in Greek: “Kalli Orexi!” ΑΩ