Las Vegas Greek Food

Kyklos Greek Cafe offers the best, mouth watering Greek Food in Las Vegas, but did you know we also offer catering? Kyklos Greek Cafe has also partnered with Las Vegas Event and Catering Company(LVECC) to cater to all sizes of parties, weddings, baptisms, weekend parties, etc.

Kyklos Greek Cafe’s Catering Menu.  For more Catering Options, be sure to visit LVECC’s Web Site (!

Small Bites (Appetizers)
Spinach Pie: (Spanakopita) bite size portions of spinach pie
Village Greek Salad: small portions of Village Greek Salad served with a portion of pita
Hummus: small portion served with a pita wedge
Tzatziki: small portion served with a pita wedge
Cheese Pie: (Tiropita) a delicious combination of melted cheese wrapped up in Phyllo Dough
Greek Style Meatballs (or regular meatballs)
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
Chicken Strips
Tabbouleh Salad: small portion served with a wedge of lemon and pita bread
Grape Leaves: (Dolmatha) ground lamb and rice wrapped in a Grape Leaf
Mini Gyros


Egg Lemon Rice Soup
Tomato Soup


Greek Salad
Tabbouleh Salad
Village Greek Salad
Ceasar Salad

Main Dish Items

Gyro Meat
Marinated Chicken Breast (Chopped)
Marinated Chicken Breast Filets
Marinated Chicken Breast Skewers
Leg of Lamb Skewer
Shrimp Skewers
Full Pan of Spinach Pie
Full Pan of Pastitsio
Full Pan of Moussaka


Rice Pilaf
Grilled Vegetables
Full Pan of Cheese Pie (Tiropita)
Full Quart of Hommus ( available also in a half quart)
Full Quart of Tzatziki ( available also in a half quart)


Baklava: want it chocolate dipped just ask!
Greek Shortbread Cookies
Greek Honey Cookies

Party Menu

Party Pricing For Ordering From the Menu
Order 10 to 25 Main Items: 10% Off Your Check
Order Over 25 Main Items: 15% Off Your Check
(Discounts do not apply for delivery or items listed below)

Kyklos Best Hommus (Quart) – $13.50 | Kyklos Tzatziki (Quart) – $13.50

1 Pan of Homemade Spinach Pie (20 Pieces) – $140.00| Large Greek Salad (Serves 8) – $23.00

Gyro Meat by the Pound – Sliced and Ready to Serve – $16.50 per pound

Kyklos Famous Marinated Grilled Chicken Breast – By the Pound – $16.50

Homemade Baklava!

4 Pack Baklava – $9.75| 8 Pack Baklava – $17.25
1 Full Pan of Baklava (40 Pieces) – $85.00

Would you like something that is not on our menu?
Just ask us, we can make it for you!
(Please allow at least 2 days advance notice for special orders)

*Menu Prices are Subject to Change Without Notice (depends on what side of the bed Sophocles gets up on!)



“We would like to thank you for letting us serve you the best and freshest quality food. We put our hearts into what we do and we are sure that you will enjoy every bite.”

As we say in Greek:

“Kalli Orexi!”



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