Las Vegas Greek Food


Hello there!

It has been a while since I have added a new blog post.  The Holiday Season really just absorbs so much of all available time and energy that it left little time for any original writing but I think it is time to rev this blog up again and offer weekly or bi weekly posts on various subjects. I also …


Kyklos Greek Cafe and Punk Rock- The Connection: Part I

(The above image is of me, Sophocles Frangakis, at an F.S.P. show back in the day in “the pit”)  For a great article on the coming of age of Punk Rock in Las Vegas and s0me good historical background on the Punk/Hardcore/Underground Scene in Las Veagas, see this article from the Review Journal: For the connection between Punk Rock, …


A New Face for an Old Friend

Image from here. —————————- As many of you know, Kyklos Greek Cafe  has been around since June, 2002 and it’s home has always been in the Galleria Mall which is located on Sunset and Stephanie Road. For those who have been coming to Kyklos over the years, you may have noticed (we hope!) that the Mall is undergoing renovations that …


The Burden of Repetition

Image from here. ——————————– “Boooooring!” “Humdrum.” “Day in Day Out.” “Again?!” These and other expressions quite often convey a deep seated feeling many of us have when we think of routines or repetition. It would seem that just the mere fact that when something, anything, is repeated and loses its novelty, that which is a one time thing or spontaneous, …


Kyklos Greek Cafe-A “Mom and Pop” and NOT Corporate America Food

Image from here. —————————————- At first glance, from the outside looking in, if you are a casual observer who knows nothing about the history of Kyklos Greek Cafe with the” Three Brothers”, you would be tempted to assume that you have just stumbled upon another chain restaurant that gets its recipes, business structure and raison d’etre from someplace far removed …


A Culinary Journey through Greece: Part Three

Wine: History We have touched on the fact that Greece is predominately a rocky and mountainous country, making her land difficult to cultivate standard crops. However, her geography and geology along with the fertile runoff from the mountains and hills makes Greece an ideal place to grow wine grapes. Four thousand years of history and tradition tell us this is …