The Complete Meal

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One of the things that sets Kyklos Greek Cafe apart from other eateries is a surprisingly varied menu of items to choose from.  At first glance, walking into a Mall Food Court setting, one may not know of Kyklos Greek Cafe and assume that yes, it’s neat and cool that there is a Greek eatery available as one of the food options.  And having that to go on, many people  who know Greek food then presume that the menu will be limited to the few staple items that fast food Greek eateries are famous for.  Of course, this includes the Gyro, Fries, Greek Salad, Spanakopita(Spinach Pie), Baklava and perhaps a smattering of other items.

What we often hear at Kyklos Greek Cafe is surprise at not only the variety but also the quality of the food.

We have often been asked this question verbatim:  “When are you going to open a restaurant?”

At which, over the years the answer has been honed and changed to meet the perrson asking where they are at.  Sometimes I just smile and don’t say a word, opening my arms towards the whole breadth of the restaurant implying in a gentle and humorous way, “What does this look like?”

Of course those who ask this question are giving us the biggest compliment implying that the Mall Food Court may perhaps not be the best venue for the calibre of Food and Service we are serving up.

What is veiled in this question is that these guests understand that this place, Kyklos Greek Cafe, is a place that has been consistent over the years in its Food and Service with no short cuts ever.  Period.

What is also hidden in this question is the knowledge that one may eat a whole range of food in one sitting in such a location in manageable portions where one gets a complete and healthy meal.  This is ideally suited to the person on the go, the one who is limited often in their time and hates to compromise each time they find themselves in a Mall Food Court setting knowing that more than likely their choices will be fried food, burgers, sweetened Asian food or the like.  How refreshing it is when one looks over our way and realizes that the conundrum has just been solved!

Good food and one can have the complete meal. Salads, Rice Pilaf, a choice of meats including a delicious Leg of Lamb Souvlaki, desserts and much, much  more at Kyklos Greek Cafe!