The Burden of Repetition

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“Day in Day Out.”


These and other expressions quite often convey a deep seated feeling many of us have when we think of routines or repetition.

It would seem that just the mere fact that when something, anything, is repeated and loses its novelty, that which is a one time thing or spontaneous, it thereby becomes predictable and boring.

This belief often marks relationships between people that are a blaze with love and passion at the beginning when all is new and unexplored but later the relationship fizzles and seemingly become stale because both people know each other and what the other is going to do, say or look like.

Jobs also have this seemingly negative aspect to them.  “How are you?”  one may ask an employee(or boss/owner) at any random business and receive the common answer, “I’m here”.

Though routines can and often do indeed become boring, sometimes we take for granted that without repetition and routine life itself would be, well, quite unpredictable and difficult.  In fact, over time, unpredictability itself would be considered “routine” and its repetition would seem boring and one would come to wish for some stability, knowing what to expect.  What would life be like if we could not count on the Seasons coming and going as they do?  What if the Sun did not rise and fall each day as it does?

Especially true is this in restaurants.  I don’t think anyone visits a restaurant repeatedly unless that restaurant has consistent food and service that the patron can count on experiencing every time a visit is made to the restaurant.

Behind the scenes at Kyklos Greek Cafe it should be noted and emphasized that for over 11 years now the Food and Service has been not only consistent but actually over time is being further refined and getting better!

Anything that stands the test of time requires care, dedication and the repetition of routines, recipes, formulas, principles and so many other minutiae that quite simply have to be done over and over again.  And the person(s) doing them over this length of time have to themselves find reasons to continue what they are doing when they find it a burden to repeat it once again.

Next week I will offer more reflection on Repetition but until then, come by Kyklos Greek Cafe “Just Because”0smiley_winking

and let us have the burden to repeat what we do best, that is provide you with the Las Vegas Valley’s best Greek Food!