The Burden of Repetion…..repeated


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Well, I’m offering more thoughts that began last week and in so doing I am repeating the subject matter.  And to be noted is that this writing is within a framework and routine of some of my duties being the owner and operator of Kyklos Greek Cafe.

Writing about “Routine and Repetition” within a routine, and one that is repeated.  Humph.  Oh well, ey?

Well, in some ways all business can be boiled down to that.  Once the business is “established”, meaning here for me that it has a function and a meaning recognized by the public buying its products and services, the business must develop its system and learn how to best provide its given service.  This all involves “routine” and “repetition” both explicitly and implicitly.  There is no way around the matter, in fact.

The customer, especially the repeat customer,  comes to engage a business expecting something that they feel is there.  That “there” they are expecting exists within a framework which has order and meaning and involves people operating the machinery of the framework.  One of the challenges that an owner or manager has is how to keep the people involved in the process motivated and perhaps to inspire them to understand that even though they are performing a task “once again….(sigh)” that this repetition has meaning outside of itself in a “part of the big picture” kind of way.

One thing that has helped our team understand that what we do has repercussions beyond just any particular work day has been social media.  When we receive comments on any of the forums whether it is facebook, or Yelp, and it does not matter if the comments are positive or negative, it always helps us to see beyond just our counter.  This broadens our vision and helps us see that what we do or say is observed and often commented upon and somehow this just grows awareness.

So service and food, in my case,  have to be consistent and repeatable.

An interesting occurrence that happens from time to time is customers ask for recipes.  Now a recipe by definition is basically something that has ingredients in ratios of quantity and cooking time/cooling time, etc. that, when performed, will produce the given end result in flavor, texture and  appearance.  So giving a recipe  in specifics is not generally a good idea as it can be copied, perhaps giving an edge to a competitor or the person using the recipe for their own gain.  However, one thing I have come to realize is that the danger of this happening is perhaps less than what is feared.  This is because of the “laws of repetition” that take effect.  If someone wants to do something, they too will have to find it within themselves to establish what they wish to establish and…repeat it again and again, being consistent consistently.  This is much more difficult than it would first appear.