Greece in September

Thought I’d take a little break from “original” blogging this week and post a little something on Greece in September.  As we gradually see the weather changing here in Las Vegas  as well as our day light diminishing little by little, day by day, my mind went to other parts of the world.  The cycles of seasons in each and every continent, country and locale around the world take place in their own way at their own pace.

And since this is a Greek restaurant I thought I would share with the reader what is happening in Greece, that land from which the food and culture at Kyklos Greek Cafe gets its meaning and ethos.

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The imposing columns of the Temple of Zeus, Athens, Greece


September travel to Greece is the best of all worlds – lighter crowds, lower prices, weather that is a little cooler but still filled with the magic of “Greek Light”, the aura in the air that raises the spirits and soothes the heart. The schedule is full of events and it’s easy to get around Greece.

The Athens or Hellenic Festival, including the Epidaurus Festival, have in the past continued through mid-September. In 2012, they ended in mid-July in the face of ongoing austerity measures. The 2013 schedule will be released around March 2013.

The film world descends on Athens for the 15th annual Athens International Film Festival. Click on the “English” link at the right of the webpage to get the information in English. Considered to be one of the world’s most eclectic film festivals, this event will offer something for everyone, from mainstream foreign commercial successes to undiscovered gems.

September is also the beginning of the Repositioning Cruise Season. This is when many cruise lines offer some great discounts getting their European vessels over to the Caribbean for the winter season. Compare prices on a cheap flight to Greece, then find a leisurely, luxurious discounted cruise back across the Mediterranean and Atlantic.

September 8th is Genisis (or Genesis) tis Panagias, the birthday of the Virgin Mary. Literally every church in Greece will commemorate the day; those named for the Panagia will have a particularly picturesque feast open to all. On Carpathos (Karpathos) the self-named “Nutty Birdwatcher” shares pictures of a birding and honeymoon trip on the Dodecanese island in September. Click here to get a glimpse of that fabled Greek light and get a sense of the likely weather during the month.

In Crete, the Labyrinth Musical Workshop run by local legend Ross Daly offers classes and events through early September in the village of Houdetsi, south of Heraklion. It’s an amazing experience of Cretan and world music, in a restored traditional mansion.

On Santorini, there is the International Music Festival and a number of other cultural events which keep the island busy straight through the month. In alternate years beginning in 2012, there is also the Santorini Bienniale, a nearly month-long celebration of food and culture which grew out of the successful “Cities by the Sea” festival in 2010.