Food for the Taste


This week we will speak about Food for the Taste.

The last two posts over the last two weeks were Food for the Eyes and Food for the Mind.   This post rounds off and completes what is meant to be a sort of simple yet profound way of understanding eating.

The idea for these posts have come about through conversations over the years with my father who is fond of saying( in his heavy Greek  accent):

“When we eat, we not only eat with our mouths, but with the nous(Greek word and concept for “mind”), with our eyes and with our palate.”

My dad reflects a Greek way of thinking and understanding found in such seemingly understated and simple breakdowns of life matters.  Perhaps even the number he has chosen to explain his point is also not accidental and very Greek so to speak because of the Greek culture over the centuries being steeped in the Eastern Orthodox Christian Faith where the number “3” is very significant.   Perhaps this could be a subject for another post.

Kyklos Greek Cafe understands that once the decision with the mind to eat has taken place, once the eyes see, the taste and substance of the food itself will both verify and complete the other two, “filling them in” and giving the backbone to the whole structure.

Kyklos Greek Cafe over the years has been, is and always will be to committed to using the very best ingredients and foods.  When preparing the food, this conscious decision infuses the food and preparation giving it a whole other dimension.

Stop by Kyklos Greek Cafe   at any given time throughout the day to see the freshness and quality on public display.  The Gyro Meat is freshly cut daily.  Always on the grill one will find our famous marinated Grilled Chicken Breast.  Freshly cut and prepared Salads are always available.

As well, depending on the needs of the restaurant at any given time, one may see us preparing our fresh and refreshing Tabbouleh Salad.  Or one may happen upon us preparing a fresh pan of our famous and delicious Spanakopita(Spinach Pie).  Baklava as well is made on property and we prepare each and every pan for anyone to see.

These and many other items you can find only at Kyklos Greek Cafe and done the Kyklos Greek Cafe way!

 So come on down and Think , See and Taste!

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