A New Face for an Old Friend

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As many of you know, Kyklos Greek Cafe  has been around since June, 2002 and it’s home has always been in the Galleria Mall which is located on Sunset and Stephanie Road.

For those who have been coming to Kyklos over the years, you may have noticed (we hope!) that the Mall is undergoing renovations that are nearing completion.  Well, we are excited to be a part of the Mall Family and to be part of all the buzz that is taking place.  The Food Court is taking shape nicely with a new and subtle sophistication.

Among some differences of what the visitor to the Mall may notice in the Food Court is the new tile that has brightened up things quite a bit.  Its color and shape is quite pleasing to the eye and the tile seems “soft” to the foot, easy to walk on and to focus attention away from the floor and to lift one’s vision to the eye level and take in more of the decor of the surroundings.

Also you will notice the colors in the Food Court have become more earthy and relaxing on the eye.  The columns are in a pleasant dark brown tone and if you glance up you will notice the ceiling of the Food Court also has the same color brown beams throughout its breadth.

So, looking up, eye level or down, a harmony has been achieved that makes the ambiance quite unlike what it was before.  Infused into the ambiance is a sophistication and elegance that is not overt but more subtle, below the surface and yet tangible.

The center area which used to be dedicated to the Kids Area has also been removed.  This adds to the Food Court another level of invititation for the diner that wants that peace of mind and time to relax.  As the reader may remember, the Food Court with the Kids Area at that time, TVs and former acoustics could be quite loud and often, many patrons wished the decibel level could be taken down quite a few notches!  Well, this has happened and has been welcomed by all.

A few decorative light fixtures(five of them) have also been started and are taking shape nicely.  They hang down into the space, making their presence felt but not intruisively.  Again, a touch in the tapestry of the whole picture if you will of the vision for the new Food Court.

Also in the works is new furniture for the Food Court to complete the decor.  With the new look some new amenities are also being added which will be a welcome addition for Mall patrons.  These include places to readily hook in portable devices for business and pleasure purposes.

The new bathrooms have been completed and are quite nice.

The whole project is slated to be completed by the end of November.

So a whole new face for and old friend.  Come on by, get some (always!) delicious Greek Food and enjoy the new surroundings!