Las Vegas Greek Food


Kyklos Greek Cafe and Punk Rock- The Connection: Part I

(The above image is of me, Sophocles Frangakis, at an F.S.P. show back in the day in “the pit”)  For a great article on the coming of age of Punk Rock in Las Vegas and s0me good historical background on the Punk/Hardcore/Underground Scene in Las Veagas, see this article from the Review Journal: For the connection between Punk Rock, …


How is the word “Gyro” pronounced?

Image from here. ———————-   “How do you pronounce “Gyro”? This question is asked frequently, almost daily.  Often, it involves a couple of people debating the question and they come up to one of us and ask us, waiting eagerly for one or the other of them to be proven right in this long standing dispute as to the correct …