Las Vegas Greek Food


The Kyklos Gyro

This week on facebook, Kyklos Greek Cafe  did a post  on their Food Item of the Week.  The item?  Well, The Kyklos Gyro.  The response to this post garnered such a resounding affirmation of the popularity of the Kyklos Gyro that I felt I should do a short piece on it. At Kyklos Greek Cafe, we have settled on a …


Celebrating with Food

One thing that Kyklos Greek Cafe understands is the notion of celebrating life with food. Oftentimes we just breeze by the “meaning” of food.  We eat on automatic pilot, almost taking for granted that there is an unlimited supply of food which is readily available at our fingertips. But when we take a step back and peer beneath just mere …


The Importance of a good “Opa!” now and then

It is apparent that in today’s world, our time is contiually being demanded of us in directions and ways that seem to leave no space for some of the simple, quiet and elegant moments of years gone by.  Whether one is a student, a family person, a business owner, an athlete;  whatever and wherever, time in our lives is filled with so …