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The golden apple of Greece

TOMATO: The late bloom of Greece

The tomato was not part of the Greek flavors until 1815; and has been perfected by the Greeks.  The Italians may think they are the” perfectors” of this fruit, only, the Greeks have found the flavors of their tomatoes, partnered with olive oil, bring out some astonishing flavors. One of the most important vegetables (or fruit if you want to …

Kyklos _ Religious Tourism

What is the Flying all about in Greece?

It is fascinating to know that over 12 airports exist in Greece!  We did some research to find out what the buzz and flying is all about.  So many people can say “because they have never been there” or “because they have already been there,” to entice people to want to fly to Greece.  There has got to be some …


GREEK HARVEST: What is in Season for June?

There is a lot of colorful vegetables and fruit to pick from in Greece.  This month, June, some of the items harvested are peaches and Vlita (VLEE-tah). Before we get to some dishes to consider; and items to select, let us get you a list of the items you would find at a Farmers Market in Greece. JUNE Vegetables and …