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Greek Food Las Vegas

Great Lent and Pascha

Great Lent and Pascha You may find it interesting to learn that over 250 million people worldwide are about to undertake the Great Lenten journey. In Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Easter is known as Pascha and follows the Julian calendar. Because of this, all important dates are celebrated on completely different days than traditional western Christianity. This holiday season is about …

Las Vegas Greek Restaurant

Baklava for the Home Cook

Baklava Baklava is a sweet pastry with Mediterranean origins dating back to the 8th century BC. The Assyrians would bake thin layers of dough with nuts and drizzle it with honey. However this sweet treat was predominately consumed by the wealthy or on very special occasions. A number of groups would like to claim that they are the original creators …

Las Vegas Greek Restaurant

A Culinary Journey through Greece: Part Five

Spirits and Distillates We have touched on the geography of Greece and her fertile soil. We know that the unusual terrain produces unparalleled taste and variety lending to delicious foods and wines. Well, today we will learn about spirits, liquors and liqueurs, and how they are ingrained in the lives and lifestyles of the Greek people. Fruits, grains, aromatic herbs …