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Greek Vineyard-Malagouziarow

A Culinary Journey through Greece: Part Four

Wine: Grapes and Varietals Four thousand years of history and the wines of Greece still seem to be very overlooked by Americans. However, since the 1980’s wine production and quality has vastly improved.  This is quite the conundrum! Today we are learning about the different grape varieties and wines native to this rich and beautiful land. Although there are over …


A Culinary Journey through Greece: Part Three

Wine: History We have touched on the fact that Greece is predominately a rocky and mountainous country, making her land difficult to cultivate standard crops. However, her geography and geology along with the fertile runoff from the mountains and hills makes Greece an ideal place to grow wine grapes. Four thousand years of history and tradition tell us this is …

Greek Olives and Olive Oil

A Culinary Journey through Greece: Part Two

History Few people realize that Greek cooking is quite possibly the oldest example of “fusion” cuisine dating back to circa 350 B.C. with influences from both near and far. It is also a fact that the first cookbook was published in 330 B.C. written by the “chef” Archestratos. Did you know that the tall, white chef hats we see today …

Greek Cuisine

A Culinary Journey through Greece: Part One

Geography Greece is a country rich in history and culture, yet how many have really experienced the beauty and bounty offered on their plates? We are about to embark on a trip through the landscape of this country to better understand how it contributes to the ingredients frequently used in the cuisine. The food of Greece is rich and diverse, …